Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Five Things I've Learned From The JUST WRITE SOMETHING Challenge

It has been 1 week since we've finished the JUST WRITE SOMETHING challenge, and as a way to officially wrap everything up, I thought I would share the 5 things I've learned from the challenge. 

01| I tend to produce "better" quality work when I write in the morning.  Exhibit A: Day 1 & Day 19

02| But I have the tendency to procrastinate until the very last possible second, which results in... my ramblings thrown together in poorly structured sentences aka crap.  Exhibit B: Day 12 & Day 4

03| Writing while listening to music gets my brain's juices flowing. I've mentioned before that the Dario Marianelli station on Pandora is my jam! Also, the score to Up! and How to Train Your Dragon is pretty great too. Check out Day 22 & Day 18.

04| You'll never know when inspiration will strike. For a few of these days, it happened while I was in my car. Check out Day 10 & Day 21. 

05| As wonderful as writing is, you got to make time for reading. I didn't get a lot reading done during the month of November. Mainly because my "reading time" suddenly turned into "writing time." But whenever I did find the time read, I always found the things I read popping up into my writing the next day. Check out Day 5 & Day 16. 

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