Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Showdown: E-book vs Book

  • The E-reader = 1000 books in 1, which makes it the perfect option for traveling: I'm the type of person who has to bring like 4 books with when I go somewhere because I never know what I will be in the mood to read. An e-reader keeps all my books together with and only takes up the space of 1 book.

Point 1 for the E-book

  • Books just have that book scent. You know what I'm talking about that wonderful mixture of paper, ink, and glue that delights your nose every time you open a book. Yeah, e-books definitely don't have that. 

Point 1 for the Book

  • Most E-readers have the function where you can see the most popular highlighted lines. I always find it interesting to see what other people are underlining. This function helped me a ton when I was in college. Having the ability to see the most popular quotes made me realize that this is quote is probably really important since so many people highlighted it, so I should include it in my paper. 

Point 2 for the E-book

  • Unlike an e-book where it's impossible to make notes in the margins, with a regular book, you have all the space in the world! Plus you can make notes with whatever writing utensil you want: pencil, pen, highlighter, gel pen, sharpie, you name it! I don't make notes in every book that I read, but sometimes I'll come across a particular line or paragraph that I have to make a note about. 

Point 2 for the Book

  • With hardbacks and paperbacks, the book itself becomes part of the story. Whoa, meta! But's it's true. I love looking at people's book collections and seeing which ones have the cracked spine, worn in front covers, or is missing its dust jackets because those are usually the people's most loved books. When looking at them, you can see the journey that the books has gone on, and the effect it has had on it. You don't get to have that experience with an e-book. 

Point 3 for the Book

Annnnnd the winner is *drum roll* the BOOK!!

Which one do you prefer to read an e-book or a physical book?

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