Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Switch Up

A few weeks ago, I posted my Current Lineup, which was a list of books I wanted to read this fall. 
But after a couple days, I already started switching things around. 

There were a few books that I couldn't get into, whether it was the subject matter, or I just wasn't into that mindset, so instead of forcing myself to read them I decided to give another book a shot.
I also ran into a case of needing to read a book ASAP.

The beautifully talented Julie Andrews turned 81 earlier this month, and I have had her memoir sitting on my shelf untouched for about 9 months. I'd be an idiot not to read it NOW.

I removed three books from the lineup: LA Candy, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Beautiful Ruins. I'm not saying they are bad books. I'm just not interested in them right now; they seem more like summer reads to me, and I'm definitely in full on fall mode right now.

The New Additions:

01| The Bridges of Madison County - Robert James Waller: The story of Robert Kincaid, the photographer and free spirit searching for the covered bridges of Madison County, and Francesca Johnson, the farm wife waiting for the fulfillment of a girlhood dream.

02| Home: A Memoir of My Early Years - Julie Andrews: Julie takes her readers on a warm, moving, and often humorous journey from a difficult upbringing in war-torn Britain to the brink of international stardom in America.

03| A Brief History of Seven Killings - Marion James*: On December 3, 1976, just before the Jamaican general election and two days before Bob Marley was to play the Smile Jamaica Concert, gunmen stormed his house, machine guns blazing. The attack nearly killed the Reggae superstar, his wife, and his manager, and injured several others. Marley would go on to perform at the free concert on December 5, but he left the country the next day, not to return for two years.

* Last week, the author, Marion James, talked at a nearby college. I had every intention of going, but when I got home from work, I was so tired that opted for a night of wine and the new episode of Notorious instead. I haven't started the book, but I know as soon as I start it, I'm going immediately regret my decision to skip out.

What books are you reading this fall?

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