Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Ruthless Clear Out

Ever since I was little, I've always wanted to have a library in my house. While other girls planned their dream weddings, I was thinking about large bay windows for natural sunlight, a sliding ladder to get from shelf to shelf, and a soft leather couch for me to curl up with a book.
So with that in mind, I started buying books like crazy. Once I filled the space on my bookshelf, I took to the floor; stacking books up against the wall as if I was playing a life-size Jenga game, until eventually, they tumbled over.
Over the years, I've come to the realization that I don't have the space for all the books. Now, I'm in the process of downsizing my collection (for now) and only keeping the books I love and will reread.

What Goes:
01| Books You Didn't Love - Duh! Why hold onto something if it doesn't bring you joy? There are too many great books out there to let a less-then-stellar one take up space on your shelf.
02| Books You Won't Reread - There are books that I've read at a certain time in my life that I loved, but now I have no intention of reading them again.
03| Books You've Never Read - If there are any books is sitting on your shelf, untouched, then it's time to accept the fact that you'll read it and donate it. I guarantee that you won't even miss it.

How to Maintain Things After The Clearout:
01| The One In One Out Rule - I've seen this rule floating around a lot when it comes to downsizing wardrobes and makeup collections. However, I think this rule can apply to your book collection just as well. It's simple; for every one book you buy, one must be donated. Whenever I find myself browsing the new releases on Amazon, I ask myself which book on my shelf do I want to get rid of? If I can't think of one, then I know it's not a book I need in my collection.
02| Borrow Books From The Library - The library is a great place to check out books that you're unsure of purchasing like different genres, cookbooks, etc.
03| Regularly Maintain Your Shelves - If things start to look a little cluttered, then go through and see if any books have managed to sneak on your shelf without you noticing.
And just remember, one day you'll have a big enough space where all you have to do is buy another bookshelf. ;)

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